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“We’re thrilled to be a part of helping to promote literary history,” says Comikaze CEO, Regina Carpinelli. “All the best movies and franchises start off as great novels, and Victoria Foyt’s new novel is definitely poised to be one of the greats.”

Victoria Foyt appeared at Comikaze Expo on Saturday, November 5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center to celebrate the launch of her upcoming novel, Save the Pearls Part One REVEALING EDEN

Adapting Eden Reviews

In the sequel to the award-winning, dystopian novel, Revealing Eden, Eden Newman must adapt into a hybrid human beast if she hopes to become Ronson Bramford’s mate and survive the overheated environment of Earth. She has no choice but to undergo her father’s adaptation experiment under risky conditions at his makeshift laboratory in the last patch of rainforest…

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The second novel in the “Save the Pearls” young adult fantasy series, Adapting Eden continues the dystopian saga of a future Earth drastically transformed, and the survivors who must change with it or die. Eden Newman must undergo a hazardous experiment in the heart of a rainforest, and adjust to life as a beast-human hybrid if she is to have a prayer of survival on the overheated, hazardous planet that Earth has become. When chaos further disrupts her plans, she and a handful of family and friends seek refuge with a tribe of Aztec survivors… but do their benefactors have a hidden motive? The fate of the world and the remnants of humanity is at stake, as is Eden’s only chance of knowing true love with a fellow beast-human hybrid, in this blend of epic post-apocalypse adventure and cautionary tale. Highly recommended for readers of all ages, as is the award-winning first novel in the story, “Revealing Eden”.

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Reviewed by Karen Pirnot for Readers’ Favorite

In the second ‘Save the Pearls’ book, Victoria Foyt takes the reader through “Adapting Eden”. In order to become Ronson Bramford’s mate, Eden Newman must adapt into a hybrid human. By doing so, she and others hold high hopes that she and Bramford can facilitate the new growth of the human race following a near Armageddon. Eden has little fear of the adaptation and yet, when she is suddenly transported to an ancient Aztec tribe hiding in the wilderness, nothing is as it seems; in particular, Eden begins to have doubts about Bramford’s intentions…

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