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Adapting Eden Young Adult Book Cover
Save The Pearls Part Two

Would you risk your life and give up your human identity to be with the one you love—even if it meant facing an immortal future alone?

In the sequel to the award-winning, dystopian novel, Revealing Eden, Eden Newman must adapt into a hybrid human beast if she hopes to become Ronson Bramford’s mate and survive the overheated environment of Earth. She has no choice but to undergo her father’s adaptation experiment under risky conditions at his makeshift laboratory in the last patch of rainforest.

But when the past rears its ugly head, Eden and Bramford must abandon camp along with their family and friends. Luckily, an ancient Aztec tribe that has survived due to a miraculous healing plant that provides them with sanctuary—or do they have a deeper motive?

Too late, Eden realizes that she is at the center of an epic spiritual battle between love and war, which will determine the fate of the world. To survive and save the ones she loves, she must face her deepest fears or lose everything, including Bramford.

Acclaimed writer VICTORIA FOYT brings to this compelling sequel the same page-turning suspense, wild adventure and romantic intrigue that captivated readers of Save The Pearls Part One.